As a conservative or right-leaning gentleman, I will scent out leftist information quite merely, and mind you, that is not thus laborious, considering it’s nearly all over in our society and has infiltrated our firms, government, and even our own families. Yes, everybody has their point-of-view (POV) on politics which is dead acceptable – aside from one factor, on the left, it decidedly is not someone’s actual POV. Instead, it’s one in all a brainwashed outlook from repetition, false argument, and information. Let’s take this growing and out-of-control university student loans crisis we tend to area unit in nowadays.

Did you recognize that just about five hundredth of all student loans area unit in default or not one payment has ever been created, with an enormous chunk of the outstanding $1.35 Trillion — affirmative, that is correct with a “T” — hasn’t shown a payment in over 7-years? We tend to area unit told, or were told by the Obama Administration that employment is at AN all-time-high, currently at just over four-dimensional, well then why nobody is paying on their student loans, not even small payments to remain a minimum of within the game?

Now then, there’s a YouTube video: “PBS appearance Into the coed Loan downside,” on the Credit Care Channel, which works on and on regarding however Sally Mae assortment personnel area unit misadvising debtors to pay their loans before their rent, health care insurance or house payments, and the way borrowers did not perceive that it had been a foul plan to try to that. The 25+ minute video makes the coed loan borrowers seem like victims? What? They’re not the victims, we tend to the taxpayer’s area unit in several cases, as we tend to area unit guaranteeing those loans, no not all, however a little of them.

One estimate was that the taxpayer’s area unit on the hook for regarding $108 Billion of the already in default student loans, ouch. What do I feel of this? Well, i feel PBS, yes, conjointly partially funded by the payer is creating things worse, and their documentaries on this subject area unit a awfully leftist read purpose, following the likes of Edmund Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders UN agency primarily told voters that if they voted them into workplace there would be forgiven student loans and free-college for everybody.

But, why will PBS create these borrows out as victims, they’re not, they owe the money, the payer shouldn’t bailout this abuse of our system by students, leftists in politics and students. Academe is in charge too, those know-it-alls claiming they care regarding the children, SB they care regarding their pensions, tenure and leftist politics.

If these faculties would teach “Financial Literacy” at the side of different needs to induce a degree, perhaps their students would not be such debtor shoppers. Instead, academe teaches leftist socialism, indoctrination students. Maybe, it’s okay if the school loan crisis debt bomb bubble pops, NO payer bailouts… we have an instructional university system out-of-control partially funded by taxpayers because the irremovable professors act bossy, however, hide in academe, ne’er having had to form payroll or deal within the free-market.

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