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Expert advice on using Home Equity to pay off student loans

Financial guru Dave Ramsey believes that mortgage loans are frauds. In an interview with Bankrate, he said that paying off any other loan by transferring a loan to buy shares for a house is one of the biggest financial mistakes people make. Your home and your capital are your biggest financial assets, he explained. If you use this capital to pay off any debt — be it a student loan debt, credit card, or debt consolidation — you are essentially…

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5 ways to prevent student loan repayment

Today’s college graduate leaves school with student loan arrears of about $ 35,000. This is a heavy financial burden, especially in those first few years that do not attend school. You may want to aggressively pay off your loans, but you do not want to celebrate your birthday with a cup of ramen noodles. How do you keep the right balance between paying your debt and still living a full life? Try these five tips to keep your sanity when…

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Should You Quit Your Crappy Job if you have Student Loan

A recent Gallup poll showed that seventy p.c of USA citizens either hate their jobs or square measure fully suspended from their jobs. the explanations could also be different: from organization to non-performance. Sounds familiar? So, if your job sucks (i.e., you’re fearful of about to work every single day), you’re not alone. In fact, you may have questioned once or double if you ought to simply leave. Many people don’t like their job, however, they continue to be as…

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